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Red and Sam

So here's the page where we ask for money. You know it was coming; hell, you clicked on the link. Give us money. Give it. If you do, you get special stuff. If you don't, you shouldn't be here. Go look at the free stuff.

We've got the Wastelands here, free, for you. But there's a tangible, hard copy for your coffee table or your gaming shelf. It's just beyond that link, just beyond that facade of professionality that separates our bank from yours. It's a sheer thing, that wall, but a concealing one.

Behind that facade is not only a copy of Way out Waste you don't need a computer to access, but also the rest of a planet. A city built atop itself a thousand upon a thousand times, an adobe megatropolis born in diversity and killed by it, too, a people beneath the earth and the people who eat them. This is just some of Jester 2988.

Preorder: $20.00 - Includes finished copy of Way out Waste, signed by the creators, as well as access via forum to web-exclusive content from House Woelf Productions (including artwork, adventure scenarios, additional equipment, etc.)

Donations: Grants patrons access to the creative forum and web-exclusives.

All transactions are handled by PayPal. For more information on other forms, please contact us at core@j2988.com.




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